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Document Handling and Processing

Document handling and management tasks are often bothersome, but they are important tasks for a business. These can be costly internal functions that are easily outsourced for a fraction of the cost. Our customized, integrated information and image management solutions lower our clients' operating costs, while allowing them to concentrate on their core business. We specialize in high-volume, large-scale document handling and management services. Major corporations and government entities worldwide take advantage of our services each day. From billing information to government land records, clients benefit from our document management solutions.

Through service integration, we provide solutions to large, complex document processing requirements. Our complete suite of document services listed below ranges from document preparation, to scanning and image storage and retrieval services:

  • Conversion of data from hard copies/ images to electronic medium through scanning and/ OCR & OMR.
  • Conversion of data to electronic form by manual data entry
  • Micro/ Microfiche film scanning
  • Digitisation of land records involving simple activities like conversion of maps into .dxf formats through software like AutoCAD, MapInfo, and ArchInfo etc. to more complex activities like layering, preparation of contour maps, 2D/3D modeling etc.
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