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Digital Business cards Embrace this new and exciting avenue in business promotion. You no longer have to spend huge sum of money for preparing an expensive portfolio or catalog that might ultimately end up unnoticed in the clients' table.

Go for sleek CD Business cards instead. Available in standard business card and other any other shape that you might think of, these can play in any standard CD-ROM tray drive. They even fit in your pocket or wallet!! Available in small plastic sleeves for convenient storage and transportation.


Make an impressive introduction with a complete multi-media presentation, brochure, product catalog, demos, technical
specifications and direct the client to your web site.

Provide your contact details so that it is easy to get in touch with you for order placement. Packaging options include small plastic sleeves for convenient storage and transportation.


With such an impressive introduction it will be hard to go unnoticed.Many of our customers come to us with their CD master ready to go.

But you may not have the required expertise to develop the content for your CD. Do not worry! Our multimedia team will take care of your CD Business Card authoring needs.