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  CMS (Contact Management Software)

Contacts - the center of every business has to be managed effectively to succeed. Without this business would not be possible.
CMS automates handling of procedures like entry of contact information, user details, writing letters to them, mailing them through the Internet etc. It enhances efficiency, reduces errors and minimizes time spent on handling of procedures.

It has a powerful and easy to use interface, provides features to write, mail and print letters, chalk out daily activities and store details of contacts. Imports data generated in other applications into the CMS and views and prints reports to maintain contacts.

  LMS (Library Management Software)

Library - is a storehouse of books of innumerable categories, varied interests which are lent to a host of members. Thus transactions are conducted on a daily basis which is time consuming and error prone.
LMS automates handling of procedures like issue and return of books, entry of user details, new books, new categories etc. within the library, enhances the efficiency, ease, effectiveness of these procedures, reduces errors, and minimizes the risk of books being stolen or misplaced.

Storing details of borrowers, books, categories of books and handling the transaction of books, including their issue and return is made simple. Calculating the fine amount, once the rates have been defined and searching books from a huge database enables users to view availability of a book.

  FMS (File Management Software)

Innumerable documents are received by an organisation every day, which need to be filed properly or passed on to other Departments.
In this process the documents are often lost or misplaced. Hence the need to track them down from the very moment they are received by the organisation.

The FMS makes tracking down documents easy and fast, minimizes the risk of the documents being lost, misplaced and keeps a record of the files and the documents in an organization.
It enables users to easily locate a document, prints list of documents in an organization, the document history, the sender's register and the receiver's register employee-wise.

  Doc Tracker

Everyday people apply for loans in banks. The number may vary from day to day but if we sum up it comes to a huge load of work which has to be completed fast and without any errors.
In this process of manual handling of forms, papers and documents required, there is a chance of error which is not desirable.

The Doc Tracker helps track down forms and documents submitted. It also keeps track of the submission dates, the installment due dates, whether the documents submitted are complete and proper and also keeps a track of the witnesses. It also helps us to preview if the loans can be enhanced or modified.



Quest is a Question and Answer software that can be used by all students starting from Class I to Class XII.
It is completely customizable and tests can be set class wise and subject wise by their Parents / Teachers using the software, according to their wish and the level of the child.
In Quest, both objective and subjective type of tests can be set. Objective Type may be of Multiple Choice Type or One Word Type. Subjective Tests will be long answer type. Both the test types can also be combined to set the test.

It helps students to prepare for their regular studies by allowing them to take chapter wise tests for all subjects. For revision students can take printouts of tests they have already appeared for. The progress can be monitored very easily.