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    Application Development  for the Net
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  • Web Based Distributed Chat System - using JAVA, based on extreme programming methodologies, open
    source testing and code management tools to create a service for customers to find resource providers, to answer
    their questions in real time.
  • Tool development - We have devloped a variety of application and transalation tools for Viveca to facilitate
    the smooth running of their tracker engine.
  • Slate Writer - The Slatewriter is a unique tool, which when added to a Website, users can for the first time
    quickly and easily add digital ink to any HTML form, augmenting Web applications with the ability to incorporate
    and capture handwritten notes, signatures, sketches, markup, redaction, redlines, and annotation.
  • Visual Instant Messenger - The Visual Instant Messenger is a unique medium of messaging where typing,
    handwriting, drawing are all valid forms of expression. VIM users create VIM communities and communicate
    amongst themselves using functionalities like drawing, sketching, handwriting etc. These characteirsiticss make the VIM solution unique as compared to the other messaging solutions.
Application tool:

Clinic application tool:
This application tool developed entirely in JAVA, works on the engine in which the data extracted from the websites run.
While running, several errors are generated which are stored in a log file. The Clinic tool reads the log file, classifies the
errors to categories and shoots out auto e-mail messages to the respective persons in charge of rectifying the errors in the
corresponding categories.

Excel to HTML:
This tool, developed using Java and Visual Basic, uses Excel spreadsheet as input and converts it into tabular HTML format.

Xml to Excel:
The Xml to Excel tool, uses Xml as input and converts it into an Excel spreadsheet output. This tool has been developed
entirely in Java.

Xml Checker:
Checks the syntax and content of Xml strings based on user parameters.