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  Why outsource?
Outsourcing is a business relationship by which the buyer gains access to world class capabilities. It helps control operating
costs and frees up internal resources for more value-added tasks.
There are over 300 Indian IT companies, who could become your ideal outsourcing partner.
Artintel System Laboratories (P) Ltd is one of them.

It is at Artintel that
  • Quality meets excellence
  • Cost reduction is a part of process
  • Coding backs creativity
  • Back office is a revenue center and not a cost center
By Outsourcing to us you can
  • Dramatically shorten your sales cycle.
  • Significantly lower development and administrative costs.
  • Standardize the process of your work.
  • Access widely qualified prospects.
  • Use your time better - Round-the-clock work enabled by the twelve hours time difference caused by the longitudinal
  • Improve business focus on core competencies
  • Ensure high quality service, increased efficiency and control